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How COVID-19 influences the wellbeing of the elderly?

Globally there is an increased risk of serious illness from Coronavirus (COVID-19) among older adults. Australia is not an exception. To protect the elderly population from contracting the COVID-19, the Federal Government has strongly recommended for people over 70 years old to self-isolate at home for as long as practicable. Meanwhile, there is also evidence suggesting that social isolation among the elderly is a “serious public health concern”, including a greater risk of depression and anxiety.

This new study aims to find out more about older adults’ subjective wellbeing and which life circumstances are most important in Australia, especially under the current COVID-19 outbreak.

An online anonymous survey will be administered to a sample of 1,000 general public aged 65 years and older in Australia. This study will complement the ‘How Is Your Life’ study which mainly focused on general public with young and middle-age adults. A better understanding of these matters will hopefully facilitate better policy interventions in the future.

More details see CDES web.

Funding: This study is funded by Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES), Monash Business School, and an Australian Research Council DECRA Project (DE180100647).

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